Father’s Day Gifts – 'Just get me some socks' AGAIN!!


Socks on a washing line

It’s that time of year again when the brains get racking, digging deep for Father’s Day gift ideas.

Father’s Day this year falls on 20th June but did you know that it was first celebrated in the US in 1910?  Interestingly though, it only really started to become ‘a thing’ many years later in 1972 after Mother’s Day was made an official national holiday there. It was originally mocked because the very notion that the alpha males of the family should need to have a fuss made of them, was a ridiculous one.

I’ll get this out early on and say that I lost my dear dad almost 7 years ago so I know how painful this time of year can be for some.

When I look back, it makes me feel sad that I can’t really remember a significant Father’s Day with him. Ironically, the one I remember most is the first one after his death when my family all spent a weekend in Anglesey both to remember him and distract ourselves.

That fact made me feel so guilty initially. Without thinking anything of it we had made such a fuss of mum every year but not so much for my dad. Did that mean he thought we loved him less?? The answer to that, of course, is No.  The truth is that my Mum was and is so easy to buy for, but Dad was quite the opposite. ‘I don’t want anything’ he would always say. ‘Don’t go wasting your money’ was another common reply to the request for ideas. When really pushed he’d generally just cave and say ‘Just get me some socks or a t-shirt’ so that’s usually what we did.

To be fair, it would appear we weren’t the only family to down-play the day. Past trends show that the average spend on Father’s Day gifts is about half that of Mother’s Day gifts. There have also been reported peaks in greeting card sales at 10am on Father’s Day indicating a super last minute purchase on the way to Dad’s.

This trend has taken a slight turn recently. The spend on Dad’s last increased (Not that it’s all about the money but that‘s the way that stats work.) One reason for this is thought to be the elevation of the role of Dads in everyday life during lockdown. Spending more time at home has given many men the opportunity to get involved (whether they like it or not) with childcare in a way that perhaps the dads that went before them didn’t (or couldn’t.)

These days, I have two young children and a stepson so Father’s Day takes a different shape now. I can see history already repeating itself though. Ask me want I want for Mother’s Day and I can have a list ready from the Selfidges or Harvey Niclholl's websites in seconds (most options begin with ‘Jo’ and ends with ‘Malone.’) Meanwhile my husband gets more like my dad each year, ‘I don’t need anything’, ‘Don’t waste your money’ he has stopped short of asking for socks so far though.

We know they don’t want a fuss so Artisan Hampers have put a simple range of luxury hampers together for Father’s Day. Whether the dad in your life is a fan of craft beer, locally produced gin, luxury crisps or gourmet popcorn we have him covered. We have teamed up with Stockport Gin, Four Kings Brewery, Yorkshire Crisps, Fever-Tree and Joe & Seph's (to names just a few) and created some really special gifts.  

You can take a look at the range here. We may even be able to offer something a little more tailored to their own tastes, just get in touch and we’ll help create the gift they deserve. The personalised wooden crate makes the perfect home for those random bits that only dads seem to collect.  

My mum still finds examples of dad’s ‘treasures’ in the shed and if I’d had the opportunity today the message I’d engrave on his crate would be along the lines of ‘Happy Father's Day Dad, You’ll never be a waste of money.’ 

All that said, in all seriousness, I would love to be dragging myself to M&S to stock up on standard dad gifts but sadly those days are behind me. I believe that he is still with me though so perhaps I’ll treat myself to a new pair of socks and wear them in his honour. 

For more information contact us or email: hello@artisanhampers or call us on 0333 358 3383


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